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a sprawling nylon city, an entire industry built on the back of everest. >> you can't stop people coming, everyone has a dream of their own. everest veteran, singapore's khoo swee chiow, has summited three-times. he says the camp has mushroomed in size since he first came here in 98. >> back then i think it was half, or less than half this size >> more than five hundred people are making a bid for the top this year led by dozens of expedition companies. from base camp, climbers need to navigate through the khumbu icefall where avalanches and deep crevasses can send people to their death. at 5920 metres is camp one. here there are the challenges of deep snow, and unpredictable whiteouts. at 6400 metres is camp two. this the last place climbers can get a hot meal prepared by a cook. at 7200 metres camp 3 appears... carved literally out of the steep lhotse wall - more than a few climbers have fallen to their death just outside their tents. camp 4, is found above 8000 metres, in the deathzone. up here, oxygen levels are 60% less than at sea level and one's body is literally dying. and finall
of a city block. >> there were multiple gunshots fired. >> it can track a gunman thousands of miles away. >> if you can track it then you can predict it. >> audiences are intelligent >> welcome back to "inside story." i'm ray warez. we're continuing our discussion on long-term unemployment. jen, you can tell america happily you're no longer on the list. you just found out? >> yeah, luckily because of "the new york times" story i was featured in i had a ceo of and president of sonosite kevin good goodwin fly me out and really interviewed me like i was a person rather than looking for a key word on a resumÉ. >> you have to move across the country. that's hard for workers who have been out for a while. >> i don't have anything to relocate. after what i've been through i would move anywhere for a job. it's not like i would choose to stay in one place over another. a job is a job. this is a good one and i'm excited. >> well, congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> nick, long term unemployed people give you the sense just like we heard from jener earlier, that no one is looking at their app
-per-hour curve. >> federal investigators eye say the commuter train that ran off the track in new york city was traveling at a high rate of speed moments before the deadly derailment. now, the investigation focuses on the engineer who was at the controls. >>> millions of americans get ready for an early dose of winter. april cold front threatening to send temperatures nearly 50 degrees below normal in some parts of the country. >>> and amazon makes a big announcement. it hopes to have drones make deliveries but what will it take to get the program off the
in virginia, manassas city, manassas park, spotsylvania county, culpeper county schools are closed. >>> alexandria schools opening two hours late, so are those in frederick county, maryland. a complete list scrolling at the the bottom of your screen now. you can feigned that list at as well. >>> it could be a long morning if you have to head out today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein begins our coverage, our time coverage, this half hour, tom. >>> good morning. i'm happy to report that much of the wade spread freezing rain we've had since last evening has broken up a lot. we just have scattered, light freezing rain.
trending and you can pick topics trending worldwide in the united states, in new york city, anywhere you want to look, you can see topics trending within that population. and the thing that -- it doesn't correlate necessarily to nielson ratings, but what it does tell you is which of your audience is really active. and the other thing that's great about it is that it gets people to watch in realtime. because if you want to be part of the conversation, you need to be watching it, not like i did last night, but on sunday night. >> watching it last night, i'm sure they're happy whenever they do the dvr totals now. it's like with the plaque lisbl. >> right. with nbc. >> and people watch that afterwards. is there a way you can say to advertisers yet, look at this, this is worth x amount? >> i think so. that's what they're building towards. there is something that shows inherent value. it does show a very active and engaged audience. and a lot of the shows, a show like "the voice" is going to pick up a lot of this. "dancing with the stars" picks up a lot of this. >> wow, it's not even -- they'v
Search Results 2,050 to 2,054 of about 2,055